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ladies sleepwear - boyfriend short in havana print
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Boyfriend Sleep Short – Havana


NEW style! Relaxed fit 'boyfriend' style short that is super comfy and suits all shapes and sizes. A thick drawstring waistband keeps everything in, and pockets complete the casual, relaxed feel. 

All Eaden sleepwear is made from our patented Dri Release fabric which is designed to draw moisture away from the body. Drying 4 times faster than cotton our sleepwear is perfect for those who sleep hot, regardless of the reason.

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What is Dri-release?

Dri-release® is a unique fabric that feels soft to wear and keeps you comfortable, dry and odour-free. Made from a patented yarn, with just a trace of natural fibers, Dri-release® combines the best qualities of both – it wicks moisture away from the skin and it’s soft to the touch. A Freshguard® treatment embedded in the yarn virtually eliminates odour. Whilst our product range, all made from Dri-release® is best known as menopause sleepwear, the benefits can be enjoyed by anyone who tends to overheat when sleeping.

It works by drawing moisture away from the skin

Dri-release® uses a patented blend of natural and synthetic fibers (poly/cotton). The natural fibers absorb moisture pulling it off the skin and into the fabric. Synthetic fibers repel moisture, forcing it through to the surface of the garment where it evaporates quickly as airflow moves across the fabric. So, Dri-release® moves sweat and moisture from the skin, through the fabric and releases it into the air faster than 100% cotton, faster than any other performance fabric.

Fabric Composition

Dri-release® uses a patented blend of natural and synthetic fibers. It is used by many popular sporting brands including NIKE, Adidas, Puma and The North Face. Our unique fabric is a poly / cotton blend - providing many of the moisture wicking properties similar to garments sold by these brands, but much softer to the touch.

Caring for your sleepwear

- Machine washable (we recommend a warm or cold wash)
- Clothes dryer friendly
- DO NOT use fabric softener
- No Ironing needed
- Dries 4 times faster than cotton

What's your sizing like - small or true to size?

Our sleepwear generally run true to size. Some garments are designed to be more fitted while others are a looser fit. We recommend checking product descriptions for any fit notes (along with customer reviews).

What fabric do you use?

We use patented Dri-release® in all of our sleepwear which is a blend of natural and synthetic fibres. It is a poly/cotton blend.

How does the fabric compare to natural fibres like cotton or bamboo?

Our fabric is soft to touch and comfortable to wear. Most people find it a little thicker than fabrics like cotton or bamboo. Where our fabric really goes to work is for those who overheat / suffer from night sweats. While they may initially feel 'lighter' if you sweat during the night, cotton or bamboo garments typically stick to the skin and are slow to dry, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and more often than not requiring a change of sleepwear. Our fabric outperforms these natural fibres when it comes to drawing moisture away from the skin, through the sleepwear and into the air - leaving you feeling drier than most natural fibres.

Where is the product made?

There are currently no knitting mills in Australia that produce Dri-release®. As a result our product is currently manufactured in China.

What does wicking mean?

Wicking by definition means 'acting to absorb or draw off liquid'. Our sleepwear works by drawing moisture away from the skin then dispersing it through the fabric and into the air.

Can I buy in store?

We're predominantly an online business. We do have a small number of stockists across Australia. These are listed on our website. We recommend calling ahead to check whether they currently have stock in store.

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