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We’d love to hear about your experience with Eaden Sleepwear. Here’s what other women have said:

Thank you so much for having such a comfortable yet feminine looking product with moisture wicking material for all the hot! ladies. It is so lovely to be able to sleep through the night without waking up wet and cold with hot flushes. I have been buying your products for quite a number of years as they have never let me down.

I would like to say how pleased I am with my order received on 11 February. I have already worn the nightie. I had a much better night’s sleep, the nightie is very cool and comfortable. I read a review of your product in Yours magazine and ordered the product to try as you are aware night time during menopause is very uncomfortable. I will most definitely be placing a further order.

Catherine QLD

Just a short note to leave my feedback on your products. They are so wonderful. I had liver failure in 1995 and have had night sweats since then. Oh to have had your products back then. I’m finally comfortable & have ordered more.


Hi Wendy – just want to say thank you so very much for the quick delivery of my Pink Laguna PJ top and bottom. I’ve slept in them and they are absolutely fantastic !! Well done on bringing these items into the marketplace. I am on medication that causes night sweats but I can honestly say wearing your PJ’s I did not sweat at all and have had great night sleeps (except for getting up to the toilet during the night as you do !!). Even after washing the items they are still the best. I have recommended your nightwear to many friends and I know they’ll be ordering from you.

Heather Melbourne

I have early menopause brought on by breast cancer treatment and have not been able to sleep more than 2 hours (many nights no more than 30 minutes) without waking with a hot flush or shivering in cold, sweat drenched clothes. I wore your PJ’s last night, and only woke up twice! I am so grateful that you have made them available and that I was made aware of them.

Alison P, WA

Hi Wendy, Thank you so much , I received my parcel with the three nighties that I won on Mouths of Mum. Wow, wow wow! How beautiful they are, so soft, cool and comfortable my nightie is. I gave one to my dear Mother in her 70’s and she is amazed. She said it has taken 70 years to find a great nightie that is stylish and covers her well. I gave another to my little sister 42 years old. She just loves the softness and the cool feeling she has when she is wearing it. She can not wait for bedtime to change into her Eaden Sleepwear. I agree with her. I will be singing your praises to all my girlfriends. Thank you for thinking about what women want in a garment. Best nightwear I have ever owned. Cheers. Liz

Liz D

I have worn the sleepwear to bed and for the first night in a very long time, I finally slept through the night. This is fantastic, as getting up tired every morning is not a good thing when you work all day. I have purchased shorts and tops as I am going on holiday to Queensland in November and I know I can wear them comfortably without perspiring all day long.

Suzanne Perth

I cannot really describe in mere words how happy I am with your sleepwear. I’ve been very ill for months and one problem was severe nightsweats resulting in wet sheets and waking up freezing cold from being so wet. My husband read the article in the herald sun and we jumped on to the website and ordered a set. I was a little cautious as I have spent so much money on cotton nightwear and underlays with no success- but this is amazing!!!! I cannot thank you enough for bringing this product to life. I wish you every success in the future.

Cheryl R

My husband and I have just returned from a trip overseas to India. I took my Eaden pj’s as I knew they would be wonderful in the heat. Well I have to admit they were so wonderful that I teamed them with a white shirt and wore the pants out every day. Not only did they keep me feeling fresh I could wash them out in the hotel every night and because of the dri-release they would be dry by morning.

Jenny Melbourne

My sister is suffering from a skin disease and finds it extremely difficult to find sleepwear that doesn’t irritate her. A friend told me about your nighties and that she was having a more comfortable night’s sleep since wearing them. I purchased a pair of pyjamas for my sister and she loves them. Not only do they help with her night sweats the softness of the fabric is gentle against her skin and on top of that they look great! Gift buying for her has never been easier.

Pam Queensland

I just wanted to say thank you this wonderful product. I started suffering night sweats in the last trimester of pregnancy and was having to change my sleepwear several times throughout the night. My mother was wearing an Eaden nightie and recommended that I try it and it has been fantastic. The only changes that I make during the night now are nappies!

Melissa Melbourne

After years of hot flushes, sleepless nights and daggy t-shirts I was thrilled to come across these pyjamas recently. I now sleep soundly and look great.

Jan Sydney

Thankyou so much for finally recognising that women who are size 18 upwards actually sleep too! I have been trying to buy nice feminine sleepwear for the past five years. Being size 18-20 I have not been able to buy anything except pink or blue satin pyjamas and nighties. Once I started experiencing hot flushes of a night, obviously these fabrics made it impossible for me to sleep. I resorted to making my own cotton pyjamas!! It is lovely to be able to buy something lovely to wear to bed that is both comfortable and pretty.

Julie Melbourne

Thankyou for the speedy delivery of my Eaden products. I have been battling breast cancer for the past two years and the side effects of the treatment mean I suffer terribly from nightsweats. Whilst I still have the sweats your sleepwear means that I no longer have to change during the night. What a great idea! Who knew what you could find googling at 2am.

Cheryl Brisbane

I recently purchased the Eva 3/4 pants in liquorice. I travelled to India and wore them during their hot humid days as casual pants. They were fantastic I felt so comfortable in them so much so that I would wash them out pop on a white linen shirt and wear them out to dinner. No iron needed!No sweat!

Annie Melbourne

I am extremely satisified with Eaden sleepwear, I feel so much more comfortable now in bed. The garments I ordered are of a fantastic quality, and lovely to look at! My partner is well-impressed! The speed with which my order was delivered was terrific, too! Well done, and many thanks!

Jeanette NSW

I have been delighted with my Eaden garments and have managed to get a full night’s sleep at last thanks to its technology as I am trying to cope with a hysterectomy and all that goes with it, without the hrt. I usually wake about 3-4 in the morning with the night sweat but the last couple of nights I’ve slept right through. Thanks to Eaden. The tank tops and shorts feel very comfortable and easy to lounge about in. Here’s to another good night, maybe with sweet dreams.

Margaret Melbourne

I was very pleasantly surprised to receive my order today, less than 24 hours after I placed the order. What fantastic service. I am very happy with the quality and effect of the sleepwear, such that I am sorry I left it so long to actually purchase my first items from a store in Williamstown a few weeks ago. Thanks again and keep up the great service and quality.

Maryann Melbourne

I need to pass on to you that your sleepwear is the most comfortable and beautiful fabric I have ever worn when it comes to sleepwear. I have ordered another nightie as I now cant bear wearing other sleepwear that I have. I even washed the summer nightie I have and made sure it was dry to wear again that night. I have not worn the winter long sleeve as yet but I know I will love using it in winter and may order another. A wonderful product!

Jenny Tasmania