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Hello & Welcome To Eaden Sleepwear

Eaden Sleepwear – Created by a woman who wanted a better night’s sleep.

In 2007 I had reached a stage in my life where I was struggling to get a good night’s sleep due to the symptoms of menopause (www.menopause.org.au). The conventional womens sleepwear I wore was getting damp which consequently meant changing my nightwear frequently during the night.

One night I decided to wear a sports t-shirt that contained a special fibre called Dri-release® with Freshguard (http://www.drirelease.com/) that wicks away moisture from your body during the course of vigorous exercise. To my amazement it worked! At last I didn’t have to keep changing my sleepwear in order to be comfortable.

Not content with sleeping in a sports t-shirt, I have created a stylish range of womens sleepwear using the same quick dry principles. The feminine designs are made from a beautiful soft fabric; ensuring women can now look and feel great.   I have purposely included a full range of sizes ensuring Eaden Sleepwear is suitable for women looking for comfortable plus size sleepwear also.

The Eaden story began when I wanted to manage my menopausal symptoms, but the uses for my womens sleepwear quickly grew beyond what I ever imagined. My heavily pregnant daughter was complaining of hot flushes during her last trimester. I gave her a nightie and she slept well for the first time in months, so Eaden has also evolved as a “go to” brand for maternity sleepwear for those who tend to sleep hot.

I then received an email from a happy customer who was battling the side-effects of cancer treatment, which included night sweats. In addition to all the associated trauma of battling a life-threatening illness, she was not getting any sleep. She told me how she not only had a wonderful night’s sleep but felt feminine for the first time in a very long time.

It has been extremely emotional but ultimately gratifying to, in some small way, help other women.

I am happy to say that I now enjoy a better night’s sleep and hope that you too will let Eaden Sleepwear give you the sleep you deserve.