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A brand that was created by a woman who simply wanted a better night’s sleep.

In 2007 Wendy (pictured left) had reached a stage in her life where she was struggling to get a good night’s sleep due to the symptoms of menopause. The conventional womens sleepwear she wore was getting damp & uncomfortable which consequently meant changing nightwear frequently during the night.

One night Wendy decided to wear a sports t-shirt that contained a special fibre called Dri-release® with Freshguard (http://www.drirelease.com/) that was specifically designed to draw moisture away from the body during the course of vigorous exercise. To her amazement it worked! At last she didn’t have to keep changing her sleepwear in order to be comfortable.

Not content with sleeping in a sports t-shirt, Wendy set about creating a stylish range of womens sleepwear using the same quick dry principles. The feminine designs are made from a beautiful soft fabric; ensuring women can now look and feel great.  

Although the Eaden story began when Wendy wanted to manage her own menopausal symptoms, it soon became apparent that ladies suffer from hot flushes and night sweats for a multitude of reasons. Eaden is now sought out by pregnant and post partum women, those undergoing medical treatment, and those suffering from other medical or hormone related conditions that increase perspiration AND ladies who dont sweat but just love how comfortable the product is!

 In 2018 Jodie Ferdinand joined Wendy as a business partner having consulted to the brand for a number of years. Together, these two women are on a mission to help women get a better night's sleep.